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  • Manage Success – With Real-Time Pricing & Availability Calendar
    • When bookings are made you will be emailed and the booking will automatically show up in real-time in the Reservation Manager on The Reservation Manager is a graphical user interface with an interactive grid that displays the dates horizontally and your rooms vertically so you can easily see and manage all your reservations.

  • Immediate Rate Changes – Direct Control Of Product Pricing & Availability
    • You control all the details about each of your products in real-time with Excurcion’s Product Editor. This includes your product’s rates, availability, description and images.

  • Boost Revenue – Increase Occupancy & Average Daily Rates (ADR)
    • Excurcion is a great way to increase your occupancy by having a greater presence on the internet with your listing on our site. When you make reservations easy for your guests by having prices and room availability online in real-time you’ll increase your occupancy rate!

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  • Flat Commission – No Reoccurring Credit Card, Monthly, Annual Or Hidden Fees
    • We only make money when you make money! To get you setup initially we charge a small one time setup fee ranging from $49 to $499 depending on size of your establishment and after that we only collect a flat 15% commission on reservations made online. There are no credit card, hidden or reoccurring fees! There are no contracts to sign, simply follow the terms and conditions and you’re free to use as much or as little as you choose for your reservations!

    • The One Time Setup Fee has 2 Options:

      • 50% Discount Special Offer – Place our “Book Online” button on your own existing website within 30 days of your setup date and we’ll give you a 50% Discount on any one time setup fee, see details about the Book Online button below!

      • $49 Self-Setup & Documentation – is very intuitive and user friendly so that you can easily add your own company profile, products and rates! Once logged into the Setup Progress Bar will guide you through setting up your website. You can find instructional videos and user guides for all aspects of setting up and managing your company under the Support section on

      • $99-$499 Excurcion Setup & Training – When you choose the Excurcion Setup & Training option we will setup all aspects of your company profile, products and rates, all you have to do is provide us with your information. We will also train you when setting up your website on Our preferred method is to setup a session where you’ll be able to view our support expert’s computer screen as they create your company profile and add your products. This gives us the ability to train you, answer any of your questions and make any customizations that you may have.

        • The Excurcion Setup & Training fees are as follows:

          • 1-10 Rooms $99

          • 11-15 Rooms $149

          • 16-20 Rooms $199

          • 21-25 Rooms $249

          • 26-30 Rooms $299

          • 31-35 Rooms $349

          • 36-40 Rooms $399

          • 41-45 Rooms $449

          • 46+ Rooms $499

  • Transfer Funds – Online & Electronic Fund Transfers To Anywhere
    • Any funds collected for your reservations become available for transfer to your bank account 24 hours after the check-out time or when the transaction has settled with our credit card processor, whichever is later. Under the Financial section of you can add your bank account’s wire transfer instructions and then initiate a transfer of your available funds online at any time.

    • The Transfer Fees are as follows:

      • $15 Domestic Wire (US)

      • $30 International Wire (non-US)

      • Coming soon- Domestic ACH (US)

      • Coming soon- International ACH Transfer (IAT) (non-US)

      • Coming soon- Bitcoin (anywhere)

  • No Merchant Account Required – Use Our Credit Card Processor
    • Excurcion handles all the credit card processing for you without you having to apply for a merchant account. Most merchant accounts require a US bank account and PCI compliance for credit card security but Excurcion frees you from all this so you can focus on growing your business!

  • Safe Transactions – We Handle Credit Card Transactions For You
    • Excurcion makes your credit card transactions safe by meeting the strictest of PCI compliance standards. To ensure that our website stays secure in an ever changing world we’ve hired an outside company to regularly scan our website for any security vulnerabilities.

  • Reach Customers Anywhere – Is Multilingual & Mobile Friendly
    • Reach your guests in their native language and on any device they prefer whether it be a computer, tablet or smart phone!

  • Increased Exposure – We Market Your Company’s Products Online
    • It’s a win win situation! Excurcion has an incentive to promote your products as we only make money when you make money! We use the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology and are constantly tuning it to get you on the first or second page of Google, Bing & Yahoo search results! The more products and content you add the more we’ll able to promote your company!

Get the Search Results that You’ve Always Wanted!’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Technology Will Generate Better Google, Bing & Yahoo Search Results For Your Business!

Excurció makes it easy to get started growing your business! Register Now

  • Be Found – In More Google, Bing & Yahoo Searches
    • Let Excurcion work for you by generating significantly better Google, Bing and Yahoo search results for your business! With Excurcion’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technology you’ll usually end up on the first or second page of Google, Bing and Yahoo’s search results for your business. Notice in the above screenshot that the highlighted hotel listing on is on the first page of Google search results! Try searching some of our hotels yourself by just entering “hotel don pepe panama” or “hotel albarellos panama” in a Google search and see what kind of results you get! In general the more content that you add for your company the more that Excurcion will be able to increase your search results position!

Want More Bookings Directly From Your Own Website Then Just Add Our “Book Online” Button To Your Website & We’ll Give You A 50% Discount On Any “Excurcion Setup & Training” One Time Setup Fee!

  • Book Online Button – Take Bookings Directly From Your Website
    • By adding a small snippet of code to your website your visitors will be able to choose their dates, number of rooms and number of guests search criteria directly on your website! Once your guests click the Search button they will be routed your webpage displaying your rooms available for the criteria they’ve already entered. When you add the “Book Online” button to your website within 30 days of your setup date Excurcion will automatically refund 50% of any “Excurcion Setup & Training” setup fee that you paid!

But Wait, That’s Not All! If You Choose The Online Bookings Option For Your Company Then We’ll Also Offer You A Fully Integrated Property Management System (PMS) For Free & Unlimited Use!

Excurció makes it easy to get started growing your business! Register Now

  • Free PMS – Includes Optional Unlimited Use Of Our PMS
    • When you choose the Online Bookings option it also includes an option to use Excurcion’s free online Property Management System (PMS) which is part of Reservation Manager’s graphical user interface. It includes all the functionality that you need to manage your daily hotel operations. You can add, edit, move or cancel reservations as well as check-in/out guests, add room services to their invoice and take payments for any invoice balances. You can also create your own bookings in the Reservation Manager for any walk in, call in or email bookings by customers contacting you directly.

  • Integrated – Booking Engine & PMS Are Connected
    • The booking engine that your guests use to search for your rooms on is directly connected in real-time to the Reservation Manager grid that displays your reservations. You can choose to just view your reservations in the Reservation Manager or you can choose to use the full Property Management System (PMS) functionality of the Reservation Manager for free and unlimited use to manage our daily hotel operations.

See a quick demo of how the Property Management System (PMS) works! Watch Video

  • Intuitive PMS – Easy To Use For Front Desk Staff
    • The Reservation Manager is a graphical and interactive grid with drag-n-drop functionality to move or edit your reservations. Your staff can simply drag-n-drop a reservation from one room to another and if there’s a price difference between the rooms then the Reservation Manager will automatically calculate and display that change on pop-up approval screen. This makes the Reservation Manager extremely intuitive with no to very little training of your staff to use.

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